CIA Spy Extracted From Russia Sent Information ‘For Decades,’ New York Times Claims

The extraction of an alleged source in the Kremlin left the CIA blind regarding Moscow’s intentions and made recruiting new spies much harder – all thanks to the US mainstream media’s unrestrained attention in 2016.

A CIA source whom the US intelligence service allegedly extracted from Russia in 2017 was recruited decades ago, The New York Times reported Monday. The man was recruited while he was still a “midlevel official,” the report says.

Shortly after recruitment, the man began to “rapidly” advance in the ranks until he landed an “influential position” with “access to the highest level of the Kremlin.”

The source came into the spotlight, however, after mainstream media in the US began digging into Russia’s alleged meddling with the US 2016 presidential elections. Craving dirt on Trump, the media began “picking up on details about CIA’s Kremlin sources.”

It was The Washington Post who reported in 2017 that the CIA’s conclusions were based on “sourcing deep inside the Russian government,” while The New York Times later published details on the source.

The media attention allegedly forced the CIA to conduct an extraction. At first, the source allegedly denied the offer initially made in 2016, citing family concerns. The CIA did not accept the reasoning and suspected the man of being a double agent. This, in turn, sparked a double check of all information he sent back to Langley. In 2017, the CIA again pressed for extraction and this…

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