Failed Conservative Leader Hague Slams Johnson’s ‘Most Egregious Self-Harm’ and ‘Misjudgment’



He branded the move a “serious miscalculation” and “misjudgment”, arguing it would make winning a future general election harder for the Conservatives as it left the party “more exposed to further defeats and humiliation”.

Former Conservative leader William Hague has viciously slammed Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his decision to expel 21 rebel MPs from the party, calling the move “the most egregious and counter-productive act of self-harm committed by the party leadership” in his lifetime.

“Their expulsion from the parliamentary ranks of the Conservative Party, partly at the behest of people who have spent years rebelling, is a disgusting act of hypocrisy,” Hague wrote in a column in the Telegraph 9th September.

Hague nonetheless warned disgruntled MPs against inflicting further damage on the Conservatives, stating Britain needed “a strong and united party of the center-right” rather a “battleground of extremism” and urging Johnson to use the Conservative conference at the end of September to restore order and make the party “inclusive and welcoming” anew.

Johnson expelled the MPs from after they voted against the government and in favor of legislation to block a no-deal Brexit on 31st October.

Irrespective of their positions on Brexit, Conservative MPs may find Hague’s intervention ironic given his own tenure as party leader was relentlessly dogged by allegations of misjudgment, failure and…

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