Trump Denies He ‘Overruled’ VP Pence and Advisors on Secret Meeting With Taliban

Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced the cancellation of peace talks after the recent deadly terrorist attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul. The Taliban warned that the United States would “suffer more than anyone else” for cancelling the negotiations.

US President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to lash out at media reports, claiming that he “overruled” US Vice President Mike Pence and several advisors on a potential Camp David meeting with the Taliban for Afghan peace talks, which were ultimately cancelled by POTUS. 

While slamming the story as “fake news,” the president said that “I always think it is good to meet and talk, but in this case I decided not to.”

“Over the last four days, we have been hitting our Enemy harder than at any time in the last ten years,” Trump tweeted, adding that so far, the peace talks are “dead.”

The statement follows a report by NBC News, citing unnamed sources as saying that National Security Adviser John Bolton and Vice President Mike Pence were both strongly opposed to Trump’s plan to meet with Taliban leaders and the Afghan President at Camp David. 

The sources claimed that the plan was first discussed about a week ago during a Situation Room gathering, where Bolton’s vehement opposition to the plan was reportedly supported by Pence who specifically made a case against holding the meeting with Taliban leadership at Camp David.

Separately, Bloomberg quoted unnamed officials as saying that Bolton had described a…

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