Holocaust-Themed Barbie Exhibit Touches Raw Nerve at Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man festival, originally conceived on a San Francisco beach in the 1980s, has grown into a mass phenomenon, with thousands flocking to Nevada annually for an experiment in temporary community and radical self-sufficiency, as they explore various forms of artistic self-expression.

An artist at the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada, has presented an art exhibit simulating a death camp, with naked dolls led into ovens, sparking widespread outrage, reports J. The Jewish News of Northern California.

Dubbed the “Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro,” many at the festival felt it to be a glaringly insensitive trivialisation of the Holocaust.
The controversial exhibit featured hundreds of Barbies, some crucified on pink crosses, with others posed as though being led into the ovens. Other photos obtained by the outlet show toy soldiers with semi-automatic rifles “marching” the Barbies from the rear.

A banner strapped to an RV proclaims the Barbie Death Camp “the friendliest concentration camp” at Burning Man.

Another reads “arbeit macht plastik frei,” in a reference to the message over the Auschwitz gate meaning “work makes you free.”
The sign also says the camp is presented by “Auschwitz Inc.” and “The Mattel Co.”

According to the report by J. The Jewish News of Northern California, Mattel, the company that manufactures the Barbie doll, had no involvement in the exhibit.

The man behind the offending exhibit is Jewish artist, James Jacoby,…

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