Israeli Media Claims Hezbollah Missiles Narrowly Missed IDF Medical Armoured Vehicle

Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah exchanged fire last Sunday along the border in the biggest confrontation since 2006. The encounter started after Hezbollah fired several missiles at Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) positions in the northern part of the country.

An Israeli Wolf armoured vehicle used as medical transport with 5 IDF soldiers inside barely escaped a direct hit by missiles launched by Hezbollah on 1 September, Israeli Haaretz reported without identifying sources. According to the media outlet, the road, which the transport used, was deemed too dangerous to use at the time of the tensions with the Lebanon-based group, but, for reasons unknown, the driver still picked the route in violation of IDF command directives.

The IDF itself has yet to comment on the report but said earlier that the affected transport was empty when it was hit. Hezbollah claims the missile strike killed and injured Israeli soldiers. IDF claims contradicted the video, shown by Al-Manar TV, purportedly affiliated with Hezbollah, and allegedly depicting the attack on the transport.

The video shows the likely crewed vehicle moving, along the road and two Cornet guided missiles targeting it. While the first missile nearly missed the vehicle, it’s unclear whether the second one reached the target, due to extensive smoke from the first explosion. Another video, allegedly showing the incident from another angle, showed the Wolf armoured vehicle speeding out from a smoke cloud resembling those…

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