Netanyahu Says Israel ‘Prepared for Any Scenario’ Following Heavy Exchange of Fire With Hezbollah at Lebanon Border

Middle East

The Israeli military launched mortar, artillery and air strikes against multiple targets in southern Lebanon on Sunday, responding to a Hezbollah anti-tank missile attack targeting israel Defence Force positions along the border. Lebanon’s prime minister has called on the United States and France to intervene to calm the crisis.

israel has suffered no injuries, “not even a scratch” in the back and forth barrage of fire between the IDF and Hezbollah along the Israel-Lebanon border, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

Commenting on the security situation in the area in a Hebrew language post on his Twitter account following Sunday’s violence, Netanyahu said he had instructed the military to “be prepared for any scenario” in accordance with developments on the ground.

For his part, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin took to Twitter to warn “all those who seek to harm us” that Israel was “ready and willing to defend Israel’s citizens wherever they are, without hesitation.”

‘One Way to Deal With Enemies’

Earlier, speaking to students at a school in an Israeli settlement community in the West Bank at a back to school event, Netanyahu blamed Iran for most of violence and terrorism being faced by Israel in the region, and called the country a “new empire” whose mission is to destroy Israel.

“They build proxies in Lebanon in the form of Hezbollah, in Gaza in the form of Hamas and…

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