Israeli Military Striking Targets Inside Lebanon in Response to Anti-Tank Missile Attack – IDF

Middle East

Tensions between israel and Lebanon began escalating last Sunday, after Beirut accused Tel Aviv of carrying out a drone attack against the media headquarters of political party and paramilitary group Hezbollah. Late last week, israel claimed Hezbollah was trying to create missile factories inside Lebanon with assistance from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Hezbollah denied the claims.

The Israel Defence Forces confirmed Sunday that they were firing at targets inside southern Lebanon after a volley of anti-tank missiles had targeted an Israeli military base and vehicles near the border area.

“A number of anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon towards an Israel Defence Forces base and military vehicles. A number of hits have been confirmed. The Israel Defence Forces is responding with fire towards the sources of fire and targets in southern Lebanon,” the IDF said in a statement.

The military has ordered Israeli civilians near the border with Lebanon to remain in their homes, and said shelters would be opened in the area.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television reported that Hezbollah militia had destroyed at least one Israeli military vehicle near the border area. Hezbollah said the strike “killed and wounded those inside” the vehicle, according to al-Mayadeen.

The IDF said later Sunday that it had no casualties to report on the Israeli side, while over 100 targets had been struck inside Lebanon, including via fire from a…

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