Israel ‘Absolutely Behind’ Attacks on Militia Bases in Iraq, Lawmaker Claims, Citing Probe Results

Middle East

Earlier, a group of Iraqi lawmakers described the recent spate of airstrikes in the country allegedly conducted by israel as a “declaration of war” by Tel Aviv.

israel is “absolutely” responsible for the spate of attacks against pro-government Popular Mobilisation Unit (PMU) militia in Iraq, Ahmad al-Assadi, a spokesman for the Fatah Coalition, a major Iraqi parliamentary group, has claimed, citing the findings of government probes.

“Some of the government investigations have reached a conclusion that the perpetrator behind some of the attacks is absolutely, certainly Israel,” al-Assadi said, his remarks quoted by AFP.

“The government is preparing sufficient evidence and documents to complain to the Security Council. It won’t submit a complaint against an unknown entity,” the lawmaker added, declining to comment on the specifics of what the probes have apparently found.

The PMU is a collection of mostly Shia Iraqi paramilitary groups formed in 2014 to fight Daesh (ISIS)*, and has received assistance and training from Iran. Reports that Israel may be behind a series of mysterious air attacks against PMU bases in Iraq began swirling in July. Israel did not respond to the claims at the time.

The PMU began accusing Israel of being behind the attacks last week, with members of the organization claiming they had “proof” that Israeli air power had hit “several targets in Iraq, including the al-Saqr and…

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