Hezbollah Leader Dismisses Israeli ‘Missile Factory’ Claims, Accuses Netanyahu of Seeking Pretext for Attack

Middle East

On Thursday, the Israeli military accused Iran’s Revolutionary Guards of working “inside Lebanon” alongside Hezbollah to try to create missile factories to build weapons which can attack israel.

Hezbollah does not possess any factories to produce precision-guided missiles, Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah has said, accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “lying” and looking for a pretext to attack Lebanon.

“We do not have factories to produce precision-guided missiles in Lebanon,” Nasrallah said, speaking to supporters on Saturday night, his comments cited by Reuters.

Hezbollah already has enough precision missiles for ‘any confrontation’ with Israel, big or small, Nasrallah added.

Commenting on the recent drone attacks in Beirut, which Lebanese authorities blamed on Israel, Nasrallah said the attacks open a dangerous door to killings and political assassinations in Lebanon.

According to the Hezbollah leader, the appropriate “response” to Israel’s “aggression” is now ‘in the hands of field commanders, who know what they must do’, and ‘what the limits are’. 

“We want the enemy to remain confused because we left all the options open,” Nasrallah said. israel “must pay a price” for its actions, he added.

Already poor relations between Israel and Lebanon got worse this week after Beirut accused Tel Aviv of sending drones to attack a Hezbollah media office in the Lebanese capital on Sunday morning….

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