Spanish Users Slam NATO Jet Nearing Russian Defence Minister’s Plane Over Baltic Sea


A NATO fighter jet attempted to approach Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu’s aircraft as it was flying over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea, the Russian military said in a Tuesday statement.

Readers of the Spanish newspaper, El Confidencial, have condemned the actions of a NATO F-18 Hornet multirole fighter that was chased off by a Su-27 jet after the alliance’s aircraft approached Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu’s plane over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea.

In the comment section under an article, titled “Un caza español de la OTAN, repelido cerca del avión del ministro de Defensa de Rusia”, translated into English as “A Spanish NATO fighter jet chased off from Russian defence minister’s plane”, a host of users questioned the reasons for the aircraft’s presence in the Baltic Sea.

“An independent Spain would not have military forces on the borders of the new Russian empire. The western borders of the Russian empire are not areas that affect our strategic interests; Russia is not our competitor, rather it is a good consumer of our goods (that now rot in stores because of the EU boycott)”, wrote user under alias ITURBIDE.

A fellow user, FRAMONTANO, backed the point of view, penning, “The reality is that Spaniards do not need anything in the Baltic. Russia is not an enemy of ours, nor a friend…”

Another reader, who goes by EU EUEU, added, “It is the most normal thing in neutral waters to protect a plane with…

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