IRGC Says Hezbollah Can ‘Wipe the Zionist Regime Off the Map by Itself’ in Latest Verbal Escalation

Middle East

Earlier, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander claimed that the Lebanese militant group had 100,000 missiles aimed at israel and ready to fire in the event of war.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia group has the capability to defeat israel without any foreign assistance, IRGC commander Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami has alleged, speaking to officers in Urmia, northwestern Iran on Wednesday, his remarks quoted by the FARS News Agency.

“They (the US and its allies) intended to undermine Iran’s regional influence, but everyone witnessed how this policy backfired to increase Iran’s influence and a united front was formed against the Zionist regime,” Salami said.

“The Lebanese Hezbollah has now developed such an extent of power through the experience of confrontation against proxy wars that it is now able to wipe the Zionist regime off the map in any possible war by itself,” Salami warned, adding that “wherever the enemy is, we are already there.”

War of Words

Israel, which classifies Hezbollah as a ‘terrorist group,’ and which has conducted hundreds of strikes targeting it and other Damascus-allied forces operating in Syria in the anti-Daesh (ISIS)* effort, has repeatedly threatened to destroy the militia movement’s fighting capabilities in the event of a new war.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that if Hezbollah “dared to do something foolish and attack Israel, we would…

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