Queen ‘Dismayed’ by Politicians’ ‘Inability to Govern’ as MPs Seek to Drag Her Into Brexit – Reports

The British monarch’s alleged remarks were revealed by a UK media outlet amid reports that Labour MPs and Tory rebels are planning to “drag” the Queen into the Brexit saga if newly-elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to resign as a result of a hypothetical no-confidence vote.

The Sunday Times has cited unnamed sources as claiming that Queen Elizabeth II has privately expressed her frustration with British politicians and their “inability to govern” amid the Brexit chaos.

The Queen made the alleged remark at a private event shortly after Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation following the 2016 national referendum on EU membership, but a royal source insisted that her discontent has since grown.

“I think she’s really dismayed. I’ve heard her talking about her disappointment in the current political class and its inability to govern correctly”, the source said

The monarch has hardly shared her political views on the government’s efforts to pull the UK out of the EU, but a senior royal source, who claims to have witnessed the aforementioned exchange, has shed light on Her Majesty’s outlook as Labour MPs and Tory “rebels” are reportedly planning to ask her to intervene if Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to step down in the wake of a no-confidence vote.

“She expressed her exasperation and frustration about the quality of our political leadership, and that frustration will only have grown”, the source continued.

According to The Sunday Times, Buckingham Palace…

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