Three Belgian Women Flee Morocco Over Alleged Beheading Threats


The young women were part of a group of 37 people on a summer volunteer project in a small Moroccan village. The reported calls to have them decapitated brought back to the spotlight the brutal assassination of two Scandinavian tourists by suspected Moroccan jihadists late last year.

Three Belgian girls will return home from volunteer work in Morocco after a local primary school teacher allegedly threatened to behead them for wearing shorts, local media reported.

The man purportedly wanted to “teach a lesson to those who do not respect the Muslim faith”, therefore he ostensibly called for the women to have their “heads cut off” on social media.

Moroccan police have confirmed that the suspect was arrested on Monday and will be prosecuted for “incitement to terrorist acts”.

The Bouworde organisation, which sent a group of 37 young people, including the Belgian girls, to Morocco to help build a road in the village of Adar, has already announced that it was scrubbing all its camps in the North African country following the incident.

“We have been advised not to send new groups to Morocco. We will follow this advice and we have decided to cancel all the following camps in Morocco”, it wrote on its website.

According to Bouworde, the Moroccan authorities have reassured it that everyone would be safe, however promised to repatriate any other volunteers who felt unsafe there. For the time being, 34 people have chosen to stay.


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