Class A: ‘Top Flight’ UK Navy Sailors Fired From Nuke Sub After Testing Positive for Cocaine


The “run ashore” substance scandal comes mere months after a no less well-documented case, when seven British Navy sailors were shown the door after they were caught sniffing cocaine while on duty.

Three serving Royal Navy sailors have been fired after they were found to have been taking cocaine while on board nuclear submarine the HMS Vengeance, The Daily Record reported.

The trio was caught when cleaners called military police upon finding packets containing traces of the drug lying around their cabins.

As part of an inquiry, the submariners took a compulsory drug test for the class A substance by providing urine samples shortly after visiting a US military port in Florida in June, but failed it.

Although the other sailors are understood to have passed their CDTs, the three are alleged to be part of a larger group suspected of having abused drugs during the so-called “run ashore”.

As a Ministry of Defence spokesman put it, “the Royal Navy will not tolerate misuse of drugs by service personnel in any form or at any time. Any personnel caught taking drugs will be discharged”.

He added that the Naval Service maintains a comprehensive programme of compulsory random drug testing to provide the highest level of deterrence.

The sub, whose crew are considered to be most proficient and “top flight”, continued its highly-classified operations before returning to Faslane naval base at the mouth of the river Clyde, in Scotland.

According to a…

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