As British RAF Receives Final Typhoon Jet, Host of Upgrades Await to ‘Keep it Relevant’


With Eurofighter’s final Typhoon fighter jet for the British Royal Air Force already off the assembly line, the service is preparing a host of new upgrades for its 116-strong Typhoon fleet, including better engines, radar and passive sensors.

The final Typhoon jet has already completed construction at the Warton, Lancashire, assembly plant and is undergoing final equipment installation and trials before being delivered to the RAF, Andy Flynn, Eurofighter and Centurion capability director at BAE Systems Air, told Flight Global on Thursday. 

The oldest Typhoon jets are 14 years old, and in the time since the first RAF Typhoon squadron was formed in early 2006, the world of fighter aircraft has advanced considerably. That’s why the UK Ministry of Defense has shelled out $515.8 million in the last three years to bring the aircraft up to speed with the newest fighters.

“Agile spiral development and keeping the aircraft relevant is the phase we are in. We have done the big leap, and it’s now about keeping it relevant,” Flynn told the US-based Military Times. “What we are doing now is getting the feedback from customer and operations teams on how to make that tasking simpler and really increase the cycle time on ops. We’ve already got Litening 5 pods up in the air as an iteration, and we are seeking feedback from 41 Squadron,” a testing and evaluation squadron.

The Litening 5 targeting pod is one of the Typhoon’s newest upgrades, a precision…

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