Sudan Military Council, Opposition Agree Constitutional Declaration – Reports


Sudan’s military council and its main opposition coalition have agreed to a constitutional declaration intended to usher in a transitional government, Reuters reported, citing the African Union mediator for Sudan, Mohamed Hassan Lebatt.

Lebatt said, cited by Reuters, that the delegations would continue talks on Saturday over the technical details of the signature procedures but did not elaborate on the contents of the declaration.

According to Reuters, citing a draft of a constitutional declaration agreed by Sudanese factions, Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) will report to the General Commander of the armed forces during an incoming period of transitional rule. The draft also showed that Sudan’s General Intelligence service will be under the supervision of the sovereign council and the cabinet, Reuters said.

Earlier, the Sudanese opposition canceled planned talks with the military TMC after six people, four of them reportedly children, were killed during a peaceful protest in the city of El Obeid on Monday. Another four were killed by security forces in the city of Omdurman earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, the Forces of Freedom and Change, the largest Sudanese opposition alliance, promised on Friday that there would be progress in the coming days regarding the formation of a civil government for the transitional period.

The representative added that the opposition and the TMC had on Thursday reached a consensus on a…

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