Watch Alleged Video of Second Royal Navy Ship Sailing Toward Gulf as UK-Iran Tanker Tensions Simmer

Middle East

A Royal Navy frigate began escorting British tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman last week after Royal Marines seized a supertanker laden with Iranian oil off the coast of Gibraltar, with London accusing Iranian gunboats of approaching its commercial vessels and attempting to halt them. Tehran has denied the claims.

Footage has emerged online purportedly showing the HMS Duncan Destroyer sailing through the Turkish Straits on route to the Persian Gulf to complement another warship already in the region escorting British merchant vessels passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

HMS Duncan was deployed in the Black Sea earlier this month to take part in the Sea Breeze 2019 naval and amphibious assault drills involving multiple NATO members as well as Georgia, Moldova, Sweden and Ukraine.

Armed with a complement of anti-ship and anti-air missiles, the destroyer is also fitted with a 4.5 inch main gun, and can carry 1-2 Lynx Wildcat multipurpose helicopters.

The move to beef up the Royal Navy presence in the Persian Gulf was reported on Friday, with the ship to be accompanied by four anti-mine vessels and a support ship once it makes it to its destination.

The deployment was announced after London claimed Wednesday that five Iranian gunboats had allegedly approached the British Heritage tanker before being warned off by the HMS Montrose frigate, which was accompanying the commercial vessel during its passage…

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