‘National Miscalculation’: More Cybersecurity Experts Raise Alarm on US Readiness


A growing body of experts is decrying US cyberwar capabilities, raising the alarm that US military hardware, advanced thought it may be, is “compromised to such [an] extent that their reliability is questionable.”

“Defense is a necessary foundation for offense,” noted a June 2018 report by the Defense Science Board, a Pentagon advisory panel. “Effective offensive cyber capability depends on defensive assurance and resilience of key military and homeland systems.”

And yet, defense is precisely where US cyber capabilities are lacking the most.

“I believe we are in a declared cyberwar,” Michael Bayer, CEO of Dumbarton Strategies and a longtime Pentagon adviser who led a US Navy cybersecurity review in March, told Tribune News Service for a Sunday article. “It is aimed at the whole of society and the state. I believe we are losing that war.”

The US has woefully misjudged the scope of future conflicts, the Navy’s March report warned. Calling it a “national miscalculation,” the report warns that the door has been left open to a cyberattack crippling US warfighting capabilities or even society writ large.

That conclusion has been echoed again and again by US government watchdogs, Pentagon commanders and independent experts. 

At the center of defense concerns are “gray zone conflicts,” or attacks not significant enough to generate a full-scale response.

“We need to have the bombers and planes and missiles to make sure we can…

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