Hey, U Up? IDF Reportedly on Alert as Hamas Messages Troops Using WhatsApp

Middle East

Last year, the Israeli military reported that Hamas was using fake dating apps and Instagram profiles featuring attractive young women to try to compromise Israeli troops.

An israel Defence Forces spokesperson has told Ynet News that Hamas cyberwarfare operatives have been contacting Israeli troops on WhatsApp, posing as fellow soldiers and trying to gather information on things like troop movements, locations, and deployment dates.

According to the outlet, a paratrooper stationed along the volatile border with Gaza recently received a text message from an unknown source requesting information about upcoming brigade-level exercises, as well as info about when troops would be rotated.

The soldier reportedly alerted his commanders about the suspected breach, with the IDF starting a probe about how Hamas might have gotten its hands on the secret information, including the soldier’s phone number.

A military spokesperson said the IDF was “aware of the enemy’s activity” and were “following its efforts over social media.” The spokesperson called on all military and civilian personnel to “act carefully and responsibly.”

Hamas has been accused of using fake dating apps, Facebook, Instagram and other popular online tools to try to gather information from IDF troops, both active duty and reservists, since at least 2017, when the military first uncovered one of the group’s honeypot schemes.

According to Israeli media, the schemes

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