Video of First S-400s Bound for Turkey Loaded Up Aboard Massive Russian Cargo Plane Released Online

Earlier Friday, Turkey’s Defence Ministry reported that the first batch of components for its Russian-made S-400 missile defence systems had been delivered to the Murted Air Base in Ankara Province.

The Russian Defence Ministry has published footage of the delivery of S-400 components to Turkey aboard a massive Antonov An-124-100 aircraft.

The video shows the plane’s front nose opening up at a Russian airbase, with multiple S-400 components fitted aboard heavy Ural trucks shown driving into the plane and being secured for transit. Later, a BAZ hauler quietly drives down the runway toward the plane carrying an enclosed component, before loading side by side with the other vehicles. More Ural trucks are then seen driving onto the plane, while the launchers themselves are not shown.

About 5 minutes into the video, the vehicles are seen being removed from the plane after it has touched down in Turkey, lining up in single file and driving in an unknown direction.

Earlier Friday, the Turkish military confirmed that the first batch of S-400s had been delivered to Turkey, with state television reporting that two more planes filled with S-400 components had landed at the Murted Air Base the same day.

NATO responded to the delivery by voicing its “concern” over the “possible consequences” of Turkey’s acquisition of the Russian air defence system, reiterating sentiments expressed many times before about the systems’ supposed incompatibility with NATO and US systems.

US and NATO…

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