British Tabloids Blame ‘Inept’ Leak on… Russia (of Course!) as Jeremy Hunt Announces Probe Launch


The leak has already prompted a major US-UK diplomatic showdown, with President Trump vowing that he will “no longer deal” with Ambassador Darroch and UK Prime Minister Theresa May signalling her “full support” for the diplomat.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told The Sun that London is investigating whether a “hostile state” hacked confidential memos by British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch that described President Donald Trump as “inept and incompetent”.

“Of course it would be massively concerning if it was the act of a foreign, hostile state. I’ve seen no evidence that that’s the case, but we’ll look at the leak inquiry very carefully”, Hunt said.

He added that investigators “are going to follow all avenues of inquiry to try to understand how this happened” and that it is “something that will be considered”.

Although Hunt never mentioned Russia in the interview, The Sun, along with several other British tabloids including, the Mirror and the Daily Mail, were quick to hint at Moscow’s alleged involvement in hacking the sensitive memos.

As for the Daily Mail, it went as far as to quote an unnamed government source as saying that they “thought it looked like something ‘out of Russia’s playbook’”.

Tense Russian-UK Relations

This comes amid strained ties between Moscow and London, which deteriorated further after the Salisbury incident on 4 March 2018, when Russian military intelligence officer Sergei…

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