Temple Statues Reinstalled In Delhi’s Hauz Qazi Days After Communal Clash

The procession was organised by peace committee of the area which comprises both Hindus and Muslims

New Delhi: 

Days after a communal clash in Delhi Hauz Qazi area, the statues at the temple which was vandalized were reinstalled today. On July 1, a minor scuffle between two individuals over parking took a communal turn; 17 people were arrested in the case.

As part of the reinstallation process, a procession was carried out in the area, followed by several rituals at the temple. The procession had several chariots carrying statues of various Gods and were escorted by bands playing music. Some chariots also had artists dressed up as Lord Shiva.

Muslim musicians playing shehnai with Hindu musicians playing the dhol on their side also sent out a message of unity at the event. Right wing groups such as Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu also participated in the procession with saffron flags.

The procession was organised by the peace committee of the area which comprises of both Hindus and Muslims.

But all was done under heavy security deployment of the Delhi Police and the Central Reserve Police Force or CRPF. Nearly two kilometres area around the temple was cordoned off and no vehicles were allowed. The area was kept open only for pedestrians.

Tarachand Saxena, a member of the Peace Committee, said, “The bhandaara (food arrangements) as well the procession was carried out with support of people who live in the area. We all stay together. We celebrate Holi, Diwali, Bakr-Id together. What…

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