‘Horror Scenario’: Conservative Leadership Election Gives Brussels Much to Fear


Both the UK and the European Union have been enjoying something of a Brexit break since both sides agreed to put divorce proceedings on hold until 31st October – and their respective political machinery are eagerly awaiting lengthy summer recesses.

Statements made by Conservative leadership candidates threaten to shatter the brittle calm achieved by the extension – Jean-Claude Piris, former head of the European council’s legal service, has been quoted by Brexit Central media outlet as saying EU top brass are “fed up” with British politicians, who seem to have “gone a little bit crazy”.

Following a record drubbing in the May’s European Parliament elections, with the fledgling Brexit Party topping the poll by some margin, top Tories are desperately scrabbling to demonstrate their EU-bashing credentials.

Banana Army

Boris Johnson, who just escaped standing trial for misleading voters during the Brexit referendum campaign, being the frontrunner is surely particularly troubling for apparatchiks.

The controversial former Foreign Secretary is a seemingly lifelong EU critic, and first made a name for himself as Brussels correspondent for The Daily Telegraph 1989 – 1994. He was notorious for publishing entirely false stories, such as the EU planning to implement a policy of generic same-size “eurocoffins” for all, establish a “banana police force” to regulate the shape of the yellow fruit, and ban Britain’s…

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