US Commander Considers Expanding American Forces in Mideast Amid Iran ‘Threat’


Head of US Central Command Gen. Frank McKenzie had requested in early May that an aircraft strike force, B-52 bombers, troops and an anti-missile system be sent to the region, referring to “specific” threats to the US and allied forces as well as interests in Iraq and elsewhere.

Speaking aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in the North Arabian Sea, Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, has said he may recommend boosting US forces in the Middle East to further act as a “stabilising” factor against Iran, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The commander justified this expansion upon concluding that the deployment of this aircraft carrier and other forces had already proved instrumental in warding off allegedly imminent Iranian threats to US assets.

On a brief tour of the region this week, the general claimed the enhanced US force in the region has, for now, stabilised the situation, but insisted Tehran posed a very real danger, and according to him, an attack could be imminent. Lauding the augmented US force in the area, he said: “We think this is having a very good stabilising effect.”

However, according to Gen. McKenzie, in order to be a long-term, credible deterrence force in the region, the US presence needs to be further enhanced.

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