UK Tabloid Mocked Over Claims Kim Jong-un Executed General by Feeding Him to Piranhas

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A South Korean newspaper speculated last month that Kim Jong-un executed at least five Foreign Ministry officials, including the DPRK’s US envoy, following the failed Hanoi summit with Donald Trump in February. These reports have, however, been disputed by Korea Risk Group CEO Chad O’Carroll, who argued that the envoy was alive and well.

British tabloid Daily Star has cited an unnamed UK intelligence officer as claiming that North Korea’s leader has pulled a “classic Kim” and executed a general by throwing him into a fish tank teeming with piranhas imported from Brazil.

North Korea’s US Envoy Executed Following Failed Trump-Kim Summit – Report

In what may sound like a lame movie plot twist, Kim Jong-un is alleged to own a huge fish tank built inside one of his presidential palaces, namely Ryongsong Residence, as part of his purported order to aides to come up with new sophisticated methods of execution.

“The use of piranhas is classic Kim. He is all about using fear and terror as a political tool. Whether or not the use of piranhas is an efficient way of killing someone won’t bother him”, the source claimed.

But before being eaten by a pack of predatory fish, the general, who allegedly plotted a coup against Kim, had his arms and torso cut open with knives, per Daily Star.

In fact, the media outlet speculated that the idea was derived from the 1977 James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, in which ubervillain…

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