UK Royal Family Names Germany ‘Allied Nation That Took Part in D-Day’ (PHOTOS)


In an embarrassing gaffe on Wednesday, the British Royal Family’s Twitter account posted photos of Queen Elizabeth II meeting with world leaders it identified as “representing the allied nations that took part in D-Day.” However, one of them was German Chancellor Angela Merkel – now a British ally, but in 1944, the Allies’ fiercest foe!

Today, Germany may be a key part of the NATO alliance with the US, france and UK, but way back in 1944, it was German soldiers manning the machine guns on the beaches onto which Allied forces stormed. The Royal Family’s Twitter account seemed to forget that Wednesday, when it tweeted out images of the queen meeting leaders from various European and North American countries present for the D-Day commemoration ceremonies in Britain and france this week.

“The queen was introduced to leaders by the Prime Minister @10DowningSreet — each representing the allied nations that took part in D-Day,” the now-deleted tweet read. Of course, one of those leaders was the German chancellor, who represented a nation that did not play the role in 1944 that is suggested by the tweet.

​Perhaps even more hilariously, the account deleted the gaffe post and put up a new one about the meet-and-greet. However, the caption still conveys the same general message — that the monarch met with representatives from Allied Nations — and the photos are carefully framed so as to…

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