Bulgarian Politician Calls American F-16 ‘Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner’


Earlier in April the politician said that Bulgaria “wouldn’t scare anyone with these fighters”, but “would only provide the American economy with $2 billion”.

In an interview with Kanal 3, Rumen Petkov, chairman of the party Alternative for Bulgarian Revival, said the United States doesn’t demonstrate goodwill toward Sofia and is trying to sell the country the world’s “most expensive vacuum cleaner”.

“In my view, you cannot speak about goodwill when they are trying to sell you the most expensive vacuum cleaner under the guise of an F-16”, Petkov said, adding that the purchase of the American fighters “won’t make much of a difference” for Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Defence Minister Calls Price of US F-16 Fighters Unreasonably High

In December of last year, when the country’s interdepartmental commission, having considered proposals from the United States, Sweden and Italy, decided in favour of the American aircraft, Petkov considered that choice to be a national betrayal and listed several reasons why Bulgaria should have chosen another fighter.

“Only the F-16 has one engine. There is no such pilot who would prefer an aircraft with one engine, rather than two”, Petkov said in December.

The politician also pointed out that Bulgaria would have to pay a duty for importing each backup unit of the F-16. According to Petkov, if the country had decided in favour of Italy’s proposal, it would not be…

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