Ex-US Official on Why Trump’s ‘N Korea Playbook’ Doesn’t Work With Iran

Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” strategy, exercised by the White House towards North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran, have not proven effective so far, says Richard Murphy, former assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, adding that US-Iran muscle-flexing in the Middle East may end in a military conflict.

It appears that Donald Trump and his administration’s officials are using his “North Korea playbook” in Washington’s current relations with Iran, a CNN analysis suggested amid the US military build-up in the Middle East.

However, Richard Murphy, former assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs and former US ambassador to Syria, points out that the Trump administration’s strategy has yet to yield tangible results.

“President Trump’s ‘playbook’ with North Korea initially succeeded in persuading the North Korean President to meet, but has yet to yield progress on the substance of nuclear disarmament”, Murphy highlighted, referring to Pyongyang’s speedy return to its missile tests as a signal that the Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK) is determined to get “a better American offer on lifting sanctions” before making any concessions.

The former diplomat emphasised that “Iran shares North Korea’s distrust of Washington and its resistance to the bluster which President Trump appears to see as a useful approach to difficult negotiations”, while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani “must…

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