‘Not Limited’ to Cyberspace: NATO Threatens Physical Response to Cyberattacks


Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, told officials at the Cyber Defense Pledge Conference in London on Thursday that the alliance won’t hesitate to use all means necessary to respond to cyberattacks moving forward.

“Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, more complex and more destructive. From low-level attempts to technologically sophisticated attacks. They come from states, and non-state actors. From close to home and from very far away. And they affect each and every one of us,” the secretary said, before noting that “NATO is not immune.”

“We register suspicious events against NATO cyber systems every day. And cyber threats will become more dangerous with the development of new technologies. Such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep fakes.”

The Norwegian official later noted that NATO officials have agreed that a cyberattack could in the future trigger Article 5 of the bloc’s founding treaty, which dictates that an attack against one member can and will be treated as an attack against the whole of the military alliance.

Among other points, he also stated that the integration of each member’s cyber capabilities has made the bloc “more effective in cyberspace,” and that the alliance is making sure members increase investment in cyber defenses and booming technologies.

“For deterrence to have full effect, potential attackers must know that we are not limited to respond in cyberspace when we are attacked…

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