Virginia Uber driver was Somali war criminal – jury

A US jury has found that a former Uber driver living in Virginia committed acts of torture during Somalia’s civil war in the late 1980s.

Somali citizen Farhan Tani Warfaa testified last week in the Washington DC suburbs that ex-Somali colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali shot and tortured him.

Ali was a commander in the national army and supporter of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, say court documents.

Until this month, Ali drove for Uber, with a high 4.89 rating.

On Tuesday, a jury at a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, found that Ali was responsible for the torture of Mr Warfaa more than three decades ago, awarding Mr Warfaa $500,000 (£448,000) in damages.

Image caption Yusuf Abdi Ali had to leave to Canada after a CBC documentary exposed his past

Mr Warfaa, who first filed the case against Ali in 2004, told the BBC he was “very happy” with the verdict.

“I am very, very satisfied with the outcome,” Mr Warfaa said through a translator from court.

Mr Warfaa said he was kidnapped from his home in northern Somalia by a group of Ali’s soldiers in 1987.

Over the next several months, Mr Warfaa said he…

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