Taliban Fighters Hid in Sewage Truck for March Ambush on US-Afghan Base

When Taliban fighters mounted a deadly early morning attack on a key military base in southwestern Afghanistan earlier this year, they hid inside a sewage truck’s tank to sneak inside the facility.

On March 1, Helmand Province’s Camp Shorab, once known as Camp Bastion, came under major attack by the Taliban, who infiltrated the base with more than 20 fighters and killed at least as many Afghan soldiers before US Marines stationed in another part of the base repelled the attack. According to a New York Times article last week, some of the militiamen snuck into the camp through a lightly defended western part of the base by hiding inside the storage tank of a sewage truck, hoping its smell would deter close scrutiny.

The Taliban attack was brazen: outnumbered 200 to 1, they used ladders to scale fences and then scurried across a no-man’s land and past the sleepy guards without being detected. Some of the Taliban fighters had Afghan army uniforms, only adding to the confusion. They were further helped by sympathizers among the Afghan forces inside, including an Afghan army lieutenant colonel and a sergeant major who directed them to their targets inside the base, military officials told the NYT.

The Taliban fighters laid ambushes outside the offices of key Afghan commanders in the base, gunning them down as they rushed to respond to the attack. Several of the attackers were suicide bombers, and one detonated his explosive vest inside the…

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