Denmark Wants Permanent Border Controls to Stop Immigration, Islamist Terrorism


Contrary to the idea of a Europe free of borders, which remains one of the European Union’s main selling points, Denmark is willing to make temporary border controls against Germany, its southern neighbour, permanent.

Immigration, terrorism, and crime have rendered the European Union’s principle of free movement inapplicable. Therefore, permanent border controls must be re-instated, the Danish government suggests.

“We must ensure that we have permanent border control. We are facing a number of challenges, such as immigration pressures, cross-border crime and terrorism. Therefore, as a nation state, we need to control our borders”, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen told Danish Radio.

In addition to re-instating border controls for people travelling in and out of Denmark, DKK 50 million ($7.5 million) must be allocated for research and new technology.

“We need an outgoing border control, so that we have an opportunity to check criminals who commit serial crime”, Lars Løkke Rasmussen stressed.

Løkke Rasmussen also suggested that new Schengen rules are needed to bring back Denmark’s authority over its own borders. By reforming Schengen, Denmark and fellow EU states that have introduced temporary border controls no longer have to seek the EU Commission’s permission to extend the scheme.

“To put it as it is, being creative to get [the border controls] extended every time has demanded a lot of effort”,…

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