UK Special Forces ‘Joining US Strike Force’ in Gulf Amid Iran Tension – Report

Middle East

The USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group earlier arrived for patrols in the Arabian Sea, with the US reportedly ready to deploy as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East to counter alleged threats from Tehran.

British Special Forces have flown to the Middle East in the framework of a top secret mission to rebuff possible Iranian attacks on merchant ships, according to The Sun.

Members of the elite Special Boat Service are reported to have joined UK registered oil tankers heading towards the Persian Gulf, subsequently to be tasked with monitoring Iranian military activity in the vicinity of Qesham Island, home to the country’s naval gunboats, the paper reports.

Once the two SBS crews have passed through the Strait of Hormuz, reports claim Royal Navy Merlin helicopters operating out of Oman will airlift them off the vessels.

The UK Ministry of Defence declined to respond when contacted by The Sun Online, with a spokesman stating they never comment about the Special Forces.

The alleged military move comes shortly after the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group arrived for patrols in the Arabian Sea.

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