Security in Afghanistan Not a Priority for the US Anymore?


Last week the Pentagon transferred $1.5 billion from the US military to fund the construction of a wall on the US-Mexico border. Around $650 million of that amount was reallocated by the US Department of Defence from the Afghan National Security Forces and put towards building the wall promised by President Donald Trump.

But is this a violation of the US-Afghan security agreement and a disregard of US obligations to assist the Afghan security forces? Could this budget cut be related to the ongoing US peace talks with the Taliban in Doha?

Abdul Manan Shiva Sharq, an Afghan political analyst, says that such a move runs counter to NATO and US obligations in Afghanistan:

“The decision to pay for the construction of the wall with Mexico using funds allocated for supporting the Afghan army is contrary to the obligations and principles of NATO cooperation led by the United States. This will lead to weakening of the country’s security forces and reduce their capabilities, since annual military expenditure is at $6 billion dollars.”

According to the expert, Americans have never been consistent in their international commitments: “The United States is a country with the most inconsistent policy. Reducing security spending is a prime example of US violating its commitment to counter-terrorism.”

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