New skill badges recognize unique naval operations qualifications

The RCN is excited to recognize the professionalism and dedication of sailors who demonstrate leadership and a commitment to operational excellence by pursuing speciality training through the creation of three new specialist skill badges for members of the Naval Tactical Operations Group, Naval Security Team and Naval Boarding Party.

These sailors apply their skills in challenging operational environments and this recognition is long overdue.

“These new skill badges recognize specialized qualifications that enhance our capabilities across the spectrum of naval operations,” said Commodore Waddell, Director General of Naval Strategic Readiness. “I think it’s an outstanding development and critically important to recognize our sailors for their hard work and determination that contributes to our operational effectiveness at sea.”

The Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) specializes in advanced boarding operations. They are a highly capable, rapidly deployable unit that is having tremendous effects on the high seas. This year alone, NTOG has worked alongside trusted international partners in North and West Africa and a detachment is embarked in Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Regina supporting Operation ARTEMIS. HMCS Regina along with its NTOG detachment have been contributing to multinational efforts that keep the high seas safe and secure. The team has conducted multiple interdictions, seizing and destroying over 9,000 kilograms of illegal narcotics.

“For a…

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