German City Bans Cake Stall Over Fears It Might Fund Islamists


Hannover, considered to be a focal city for the radical Islamic Salafist movement, entered the national spotlight last year after the city’s authorities permitted setting up street vendors selling sweets to raise money that could potentially have been used to fund extremists.

Hannover’s authorities have prohibited placing a cake stand in the city centre in order to curtail alleged fundraising for Islamists, the German outlet Neue Presse reports. 

According to the outlet, Salafists made an attempt to set up a fundraising stall amid a so-called Cake Day the day before the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. But the city denied granting permission to set up the cake stand over the “alleged Islamist background” of the applicants. The name of the organisation that applied for permission has not been revealed.

The city administration acted in accordance with the recently reformed Road Act of the Federal State of Lower Saxony. The changes allow local authorities to prohibit street events that undermine the democratic order and to take action against content being spread at them. This was the first time that the city used the new measure. Hannover’s authorities also pledged to prevent Salafists from collecting donations on the streets “for dubious purposes”, as Neue Presse put it. 

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In autumn 2018, the city authorities faced criticism…

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