Why the WhatsApp spies may have eyes on Iran

Image caption Young Israeli soldiers take a selfie

Time to join some dots.

The WhatsApp hack, “sabotaged” oil tankers, the push in the US to proscribe the Muslim Brotherhood and “plans” to deploy American troops to the Gulf are all strands of the same story. At its heart is the struggle between Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Israeli army is unique in that it forms the backbone of many industrial enterprises in Israel.

That’s because the bonds formed during national service last a lifetime there.

It is the singular most important time in a young person’s life – way more formative than the university years.

It’s the ultimate “old boy network”, though this one is made up of “old boys and girls”.

The Israeli army takes in every youngster, assesses their greatest strength and parks them where they can do the most national good.

The computer nerds who would otherwise be locked in their mum’s basement are forced out into the light and into doing their national service in cyber-warfare.

When they leave the army, they take the skills and the connections they made into the industrial…

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