Israel Deploys Iron Dome Anti-Missile Systems Ahead of Eurovision – Reports

Tel Aviv is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest and its associated festivities after Israeli singer Netta won it last year. Its beginning coincides with the anniversary of the US Embassy being opened in Jerusalem and the Palestinians’ Nakba Day, which was marked by violent protests in Gaza in 2018.

The israel Defence Forces have extensively deployed Iron Dome anti-missile batteries across the country ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is expected to draw thousands of visitors to the country, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports. 

According to the outlet, the systems could respond to fire from the Palestinian territories after clearance by the Israeli armed forces’ senior officers to prevent a repetition of recent deadly missile exchanges. Haaretz cites military sources as saying that the soldiers called-up since then would be kept on duty until the end of the festivities.

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Eurovision’s almost week-long festivities coincide with the anniversary of the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the Palestinian memorial day, Nakba, which was marked by violent protests last year at the Israeli border and hundreds of victims, prompting American diplomats to issue a security alert. It cautioned US citizens against travelling to affected areas amid the recent rocket exchange and called on them to be cautious, noting that terrorist groups this…

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