‘I’ll Kill Every One of You’: Man Banned From Ryanair After Mid-Flight Rampage


The Irish airline is known as the ‘no thrills’ option for those looking to travel from the UK to Europe on the cheap. Yet, passengers on one flight this week got more than they bargained for when one Englishman temporarily plunged the plane into terror.

A man has reportedly been banned for life from traveling with Ryanair after he threatened to “kill everyone” on board and allegedly tried to open one of the plane’s doors mid-flight.

A video circulated online this week showing the unidentified man being pinned to the floor by fellow passengers after he had torn a fire extinguisher from the wall and threatened to hit a female cabin crew member with it.

One passenger, 27-year-old Jodie Fisher told the Sun that the man rabidly attacked her, ripping her watch from her arm and biting her sister with who she was traveling.

“He grabbed hold of my top and ripped it. He broke my phone and ripped my watch off my wrist. He bit my sister on the arm and he was about to bite me on the leg before a man and a woman came over and jumped on him. Passengers and crew had to hold him down on the floor for about 45 minutes — it was awful,” Miss Fisher reportedly said.

“The air hostess was so upset, she was crying her eyes out. Me and my sister are only small and if it wasn’t for us, he probably would have hit her with that fire extinguisher,” she added. 

Miss Fisher, whose story was corroborated by other…

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