Ura! London Immortal Regiment Holds 4th Annual Victory Day March in UK Capital


Attendees held portraits and Soviet paraphernalia as they commemorated the memory of those who had fought in World War II, including “veterans, home front workers, partisans, and members of the Resistance, concentration camps prisoners, Leningrad siege survivors, children of war.”

London’s Trafalgar Square teemed with nostalgic photos of loved ones who had served and died in World War II, with thousands joining the Immortal Regiment March in London on Thursday at 14:00 GMT. 

The march was organised by a non-profit organisation as a non-political, non-governmental and civic initiative created by volunteers, and was open to the general public, irrespective of nationality or political affiliation, according to the event’s Facebook page. 

Attendees gathered at London’s iconic Trafalgar Square and marched to Westminster Square, shouting “Ura!” and singing classic Russian songs such as ‘Kalinka’ and ‘Katyusha’. Both young and old joined the rally, complete with signs and banners showing the history of the Great Patriotic War to all Londoners.

Attendees Share Their Stories About the Great Patriotic War 

Royal Air Force veteran Gareth Fearn, of Surry, attended the Immortal Regiment rally to support his girlfriend, but also said that it was important to commemorate those who served in the Red Army for their sacrifices. 

“I attended to support my girlfriend, but also I served in the Royal Air…

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