Iran is a ‘Force for Stability in the Region’ – Foreign Minister Zarif

Javad Zarif noted the role which Iran plays in the Middle East region, while criticizing the US, who considers themselves to be a “force for good” despite “aligning with the wrong people”.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif outlined the priorities of Iranian foreign and military policies in an interview with CBS Sunday.

“You see, we are operating in our own region. That’s why it’s called the Persian Gulf, not the Gulf of Mexico. We are operating in our own region. We are a force for stability in our region. History shows that,” Zarif said.

Talking to “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, Zarif contrasted the Iranian mode of conduct to that of the US, which operates far from its shores.

“The United States is operating far from its shores, in our region,” he said.

According to Zarif, Iran’s military goal is fighting terrorism in the countries of the region.

“We have been helpful everywhere. We have fought terrorism in Syria. We have fought terrorism in Iraq,” he said.

Zarif reminded Brennan that he attended a ceremony commemorating Iranian fighters who died fighting Daesh in Iraq, noting that both the Iranian President and Prime Minister sent letters to the event.

“Everybody recognizes the role of Iran in bringing stability. I haven’t seen them commemorating any martyrs from Saudi Arabia fighting Daesh, or [from the] UAE,” he said.

He criticized US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who, testifying before Congress earlier…

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