Manchester Arena bombing extradition 'delayed by Libya clashes'

The extradition of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi’s brother has been delayed by fighting in Libya, the BBC has been told.

According to the country’s interior minister, a Libyan court has agreed to return Hashem Abedi to the UK.

Mr Abedi – who is wanted in relation to the deaths of 22 people – was taken into custody in Tripoli shortly after the May 2017 terror attack.

But fighting on the outskirts has been blamed for delays in the process.

The Interior Minister of Libya’s UN-backed government, Fathi Bashagha, told the BBC the court had agreed to extradite Mr Abedi to the UK because he is a British citizen.

But a week after the ruling, he said, the capital came under attack by forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, a commander from Eastern Libya.

Image caption Hashem Abedi’s extradition has been delayed.

Mr Bashaga said Libya was “awaiting the procedure” which would allow it to hand Mr Abedi over to the UK.

But “because of the war, everything is stopped”, he said, and the extradition would not happen until fighting had ended.

“We are paying all our attention to how to push back Haftar’s militia attacking Tripoli. This is important for us now.”

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