Sri Lankan Prime Minister Warns More Attacks Possible

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On Sunday, Sri Lanka was hit by a series of coordinated bombing attacks targeting churches and hotels across the country, that claimed lives of at least 321 and wounded about 500 more. The country’s defence minister recently stated that the series of blasts was a response to the Christchurch mosque attack in New Zealand, which targeted Muslims.

Sri Lanka’s prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has warned Tuesday that there could be more explosives, militants “out there” after suicide bombings hit the country on Catholic Easter.

The top official has also addressed the statement made by the terrorist group Daesh* earlier in the day, which has claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka bombings, saying that he believed they had links to the terrorist group. As he noted, the government’s security agencies were monitoring Sri Lankans who had joined Daesh and then returned home.

“We will be following up on IS [Daesh] claims, we believe there may be links,” he said.

Speaking further, the prime minister said that there was specific intelligence from India on the attacks. He assumed that some officials might lose their jobs over intelligence failures surrounding the attack. He confirmed there was a prior warning, noting that India’s embassy was eyed as a possible target.

At the same time, Reuters reported, citing sources, that the Indian officials had warned the Sri Lankan intelligence services of the Islamist…

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