Pranksters Trick Kosovo ‘PM’ Into Wishing ‘Vovan Lexusov’ Luck in Ukraine Vote


Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetsov and Alexei “Lexus” Stoliarov, a pair of Russian radio hosts known for their telephone trolling of politicians from around the world, have struck again, this time targeting Ramush Haradinaj, the “prime minister” of the Serbian breakaway region of Kosovo, whose sovereignty is not recognised by Russia or Ukraine.

In a post that has since been scrubbed from his Twitter account, the official wished his “friend Petro Poroshenko and his future Prime Minister Vovan Lexusov…all the best and victory in Sunday’s runoff presidential elections”.

The post was apparently deleted after the official or one of his assistants realised that “Vovan Lexusov” was just a blend of the comedians’ nicknames.

Unfortunately, Haradinaj didn’t manage to delete the tweet before it was picked up by other users, who took screenshots of the post and spread it far and wide across the internet. 

“How are politicians still falling for this?” UK journalist Shaun Walker asked, suggesting that Vovan and Lexus likely called Haradinaj posing as Poroshenko, and were probably likely to release the audio from their latest prank call sometime soon.

Others recalled Vovan and Lexus’ other pranking capers, or played along and “congratulated” “Prime Minister Vovan Lexusov”.

The tweet proved particularly popular among Serbs, who remain upset over Kosovo’s illegal, NATO-backed declaration of independence…

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