Netizens Furious Over Mexican Soldiers Disarming US Border Troops


The incident takes place as US President Donald Trump continues to call for stronger control over the American border with Mexico, arguing that it will help stop illegal immigrants and drugs from getting into the US from its southern neighbour.

Two US soldiers, patrolling the border with Mexico, were stopped by five or six Mexican military personnel on 13 April 2019, who believed they had ventured into Mexico’s territory, while in fact the troop were still on American soil, US Northern Command stated. Later reports said that Mexican troops had disarmed and questioned their US colleagues in the course of the incident.

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Despite US Northern Command’s explanations that American soldiers had tried to “de-escalate a potential volatile situation”, many Twitterians remained unconvinced, stating that such handling of US troops was totally inappropriate.

Many of them slammed the actions of the Mexican military, suggesting that they could be seen as “act of war”.

Several netizens called on US President Trump to react to the incident.

Others suggested that he should instead focus all his efforts on finishing his border wall with Mexico to prevent similar mishaps in the future.

Some Twitterians went as far as to suggest that the US soldiers should have opened fire despite being disadvantaged in terms of numbers…

or that Washington should have organised a…

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