Military Council Head Confirms Sudan’s Ex-President in Prison – Reports


Sudan’s former President Omar Bashir was the president for almost 30 years. In mid-April, he was detained by the country’s military and transferred to a maximum security prison in Khartoum. According to the latest reports, huge amounts of cash were found in his residence, which may have served as the basis for the corruption charges against him.

The head of Sudan’s transitional military council confirmed that the country’s former president, Omar Bashir, is in prison, along with other former senior officials, Reuters reported Sunday.

Just a day before, military investigators reportedly found large amounts of cash, both in foreign currency and in Sudanese pounds, as a result of searches of his house. The money was seized by the military and transferred to the central bank. This could reportedly serve as the basis for the corruption charges against Bashir.

 Millions of Euros in Cash Found in House of Sudanese Ex-President — Report

In mid-April, Bashir was detained by the country’s military after governing the country for nearly 30 years. The transitional military council vowed to hold a new election in two years. However, protests, which have been ongoing in Sudan for the last few months, have continued, with the demonstrators demanding that the military hand over power to a new civilian government.

Back in 2009, the former Sudanese president became the first incumbent head of state to become…

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