Leaked Terrorists’ Letters Show Daesh Boss Baghdadi ‘Still Pulls Rank’ – Report

Over the past few years, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death has been reported numerous times, but the Daesh* leader has re-emerged each time, even reportedly surviving an assassination attempt in January.

The latest clues related to the status of Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi indicate that the most wanted man in the world is “at least alive”, Fox News reports.

The news outlet referred to copies of several December-dated letters from Daesh operatives to Baghdadi obtained by The Sunday Times earlier this month.

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In one letter, Daesh commander Abu Taher al-Tajiki reportedly briefs Baghdadi on potential target sites for the terrorist group’s strikes in Europe.

“The letters underscore that not only is ISIS [Daesh] seemingly devoted to overseeing global attacks, but that its shadowy commander still pulls rank”, Fox News reports.

The Sunday Times, in turn, cited Mohammed Ali, one of the Daesh militants captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as saying that the jihadists believe Baghdadi is not present in the sliver of land still held by the terrorist group, but is hiding somewhere in the desert outside Syria.

According to the newspaper’s source, the disappearance of the Daesh leader has spurred internal fighting within the terrorist organisation.

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