Swedish Daily Lambasted for Drawing Hitler Into Notre Dame Blaze


While the flames continued to ravage the pearl of medieval architecture, Dagens Nyheter made a ripple by drawing unexpected parallels with Hitler. For this, the daily newspaper was accused of having “Hitler Tourette’s”.

Unlike other major newspapers, which joined the millions of people across the world in mourning the partial loss of the iconic 800-year-old cathedral, Dagens Nyheter chose a different approach to the blaze.

The magazine reminded its readership that razing Notre Dame was exactly what Adolf Hitler wanted to do 75 years ago.

“At that time, in August 1944, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had given orders to burn down the most important landmarks in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, in connection with the German army retreating and leaving the French capital before the Allies’ advance “, Dagens Nyheter reporter Michael Winiarski wrote.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Engulfed in Flames: What is Known so Far

The remarkable approach was met with harsh criticism on social media, where users came together to question, mock and deride the newspaper’s reporting.

“Notre Dame is burning. Most of us are sad. Dagens Nyheter: we do not know what happened, but in the 40s Hitler wanted to burn down the cathedral”, Catharina Örtendahl Rylid of the liberal-conservative Moderate Party tweeted.

​”Some Frenchmen wanted even to demolish Notre Dame as far back as the 19th century when it was…

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