AOC Makes Waves Online After Saying US Aid to Israel ‘On the Table’ for Cuts


Washington and Tel Aviv signed a $38 billion agreement on US military assistance to israel in 2016, with the US committing itself to spending $3.8 billion a year to “bolster Israel’s capacity to defend itself against threats in the region and maintain its qualitative military edge.”

Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has raised eyebrows among Republicans and supporters of israel after hinting that the US should contemplate reevaluating its aid policy to the Middle Eastern country. 

“I think it’s certainly on the table,” the New York congresswoman said, when asked by Yahoo News if she would support a possible cut in US military or economic aid to Tel Aviv.

“I hope to play a facilitating role in this conversation and a supportive role in this conversation. But I also know there have been people leading on this for a long time, like Congresswoman [Betty] McCollum,” Ocasio-Cortez said, referring to a 2017 bill sponsored by McCollum on putting conditions on US aid to Israel.

AOC also attacked recently-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a “Trump-like figure” and saying there were “so many ways to approach [the] issue” of Netanyahu’s recent promise to annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

The congresswoman’s remarks did not escape the attention of her many detractors, who pounced on her “ignorance,” and gave her a lesson on why US aid to Israel was…

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