Priyanka Gandhi Attacks BJP, Says Stop Talking About Pakistan If You’re Nationalist

Priyanka Gandhi referred to the BJP’s publicity machinery saying it is drowning the truth.


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, campaigning in Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur Sikri today, mounted a two-point attack on the ruling BJP focusing on the narrative around nationalism and the state of potato farmers in the region. “If the government is nationalist then it should respect the fallen soldiers, whether they are Hindus or Muslims. If it is nationalist, it should stop disrespecting freedom fighters who laid the foundation of this country,” Priyanka Gandhi said, sharing the stage with her brother and Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Jyotiraditya Scindia, who is in charge of Uttar Pradesh along with her.

“If it is nationalist, it should stop talking about Pakistan in the election rallies. Instead, it should tell the youth, women and farmers of India as to what it is going to do about them,” said Priyanka Gandhi, one of the two Congress general secretaries in charge of UP.

She referred to farmers from different parts of the country marching to Delhi and attacked the government for not listening to them.

“If it is nationalist, why didn’t the government meet and listen to the farmers who came barefoot from different parts of India? If it is nationalist, then when people were killed in the name of religion why didn’t it share the grief of the victims, instead of honouring the victims’ murderers? If it is nationalist, why is it afraid of people raising their voice? It feels as if this…

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